One Thai Police died and 90 injured during protest in Bangkok.

The confrontation between Thai police officers and pro-democracy protestors – REDEM, turned badly yesterday February 28, 2021 with several injuries and arrested following the protest in front of the 1st Infantry Regiment barracks in Bangkok Thailand.

It was formally reported that
1 police officer died during the operation,
27 of the officers currently admitted to hospital with the total of 90 officers were injured. Some of the protestors burned, smashed, and vandalized government properties and assets, including
1 patrol police vehicle
1 motorcycle
3 windows of the traffic police
2 windows at information desk
1 glass of notice board
all damaged property belongs to Din Daeng police station.

22 suspects were arrested by the police yesterday, included 4 juveniles.

General Prayut Chan-o-cha, Thailand Prime Minister expressed condolences to Police Captain Vivat Sertsanit, the officer who died during the operation and emphasized that Royal Thai Police will provide his benefits and look after his family.